Hand Poking in Bali: The Aftercare by Albar Tikam

Hand Poking in Bali: The Aftercare by Albar Tikam

Hand Poking in Bali:The Aftercare By Albar Tikam

Hand poking in Bali is actually a kind of tattoo method that is known as the traditional method as well. The hand poking is a traditional method of tattooing where the tattoo artists will use a stick and also needle for creating a design and the artists do it dot by dot. That is why; it can create a more subtle and delicate result than just using a common machine. Besides that, the clients also say that this method is less painful and it creates a different feeling than the tattoo machine. Although this is a traditional method and without using any electrical machine, this method is safe as long as you choose the professional tattoo artists.

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The professional tattoo artists will use a sterile tattoo needle that is attached to a stick that is made by the wood. The process of this tattooing will be done dot by dot where it can create the natural and also organic-looking tattoo design. In addition, the hand poking in Bali can be also healed faster than the machine tattoos. The interesting thing about doing hand poking in Bali is that the tattoo artists will place you into a pleasurable area near the pool or maybe a beach. 

How to Care the New Tattoo

After doing this hand poking, you can get a really great tattoo pattern, but it is also important to care for that tattoo so that it will always in its best quality. The aftercare for a new tattoo is not that hard. You just need to follow the instruction, advice and also be patient. Here are the right ways to take care of your new hand poking in Bali.

  1. Get the advice from your tattoo artist

We can say that the advice given by every tattoo studio is usually different and sometimes the tattoo artists from the same studio are having a different idea about the best healing method for a new tattoo. That is why; after getting your tattoo please don’t forget to ask your tattoo artist about the best way to care that tattoo design. Listen to every instruction given by your tattoo artist and sometime he will also give you a brochure about the tattoo aftercare. 

  1. Wash the new tattoo slowly within some hours

Most of the advice may be stated that you have to let your new tattoo to be covered for about two up to five hours long. After that duration, you can take off that cover and then clean your tattoo by washing it in the warm water and the liquid antibacterial soap with the light texture. 

  1. Apply the non-aromatic Moisturizing Cream Thinly 

The next thing to do is applying the moisturizing cream and you can use it thinly. Usually, your tattoo artist will give his recommendation about the right moisturizer to use and then you can cover your new tattoo by using the clingfilm (clear plastic) or gauze. Sometimes the artist can also recommend you to let the tattoo open. You just need to follow his instruction for this. One more thing is that usually, a tattoo studio will give the advice to repeat the cleaning process for about three up to five times a day. 

  1. Ensure that Your Tattoo is Clean and Dry 

When you got a new tattoo, it is better for not soaking it at least for a month. However, it is still okay for you to take a bath, but don’t use your bathtub because it will soak your new tattoo. If your tattoo is easily touched by your clothes or pants, you can cover your tattoo with gauze or the clear plastic. It is to ensure that the design is not broken.

  1. Avoid the direct contact to the sun

It is also better for not letting your tattoo has direct contact with the sun. The healed tattoo, especially the colored ones, can fade if it is exposed by the sunlight. That is why; when your new tattoo is completely healed, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen at your tattoo area. You can ask the tattoo artist about the right sunscreen product that they recommend. 

  1. Just be patient because it is the key

We have to tell you that the aftercare process for a new tattoo is not easy at all. There are some factors that can affect the tattoo healing such as the size of the design and how good you are in taking care of that new tattoo. Small tattoo design usually has a simple design and it is also quite thin. That is why; it will be healed after just some weeks. However, for the more complex design will need for about some months until it is healed. Just follow any instructions given by your tattoo artists and make sure that the tattoo area is quite clean and moisturized within some months. In addition, it is also recommended to avoid any abrasive cream such as the body scrub. 

  1. Don’t scratch the tattoo

During the healing process, your tattoo will feel so itchy and it peels slowly. If it has happened to you, just don’t scratch it. Scratching the tattoo can erase the ink in that area and it will make your tattoo fades or disappears. If you feel itchy, it is better to just slowly pat it. That itchy feeling will be healed after one or two weeks. However, if that itchy feeling is not healed and your tattoo area is becoming red or swell, or maybe bloody for about a day after you made that tattoo, it is batter to consult to your tattoo artist or meet a doctor. It is better to check for your skin condition.

  1. Come back to the studio if you need a touch-up 

If your tattoo ink fades, you can come to the tattoo studio to do a free touch up. Usually, they give it for free because the bad service and result are not good for their reputation. You can come back to that studio 6 weeks after you got your tattoo.

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