Tattoo in Bali and Why the Tourists Love It – By Albar Tikam

Tattoo in Bali and Why the Tourists Love It – By Albar Tikam

Tattoo in Bali is so diverse where you can have the traditional method or maybe the modern one where the tattoo artists will use some machines. For your information, Bali is claimed as a place with the most developed tattoo since there are a lot of foreign tourists come to this beautiful island. Usually, they will come to have a vacation, but some deliberately came to make tattoo. The price of tattoo in Bali is also varied where an artist can be paid for IDR 1 Million up to IDR 30 million. Although this price seems expensive, but most of the people said that the price is not as expensive as the price in their origin country. 

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Although the tattooing price in Bali is quite cheap and reasonable, most of the clients really love the result made by the Balinese tattoo artists. It is because they can make the interesting picture or tattoo design and they will ensure that all the equipments are sterile and clean enough so that it is 100% safe. 

Tattoo in Bali and the Travel Condition

It is so interesting because, in fact, the tattoo in Bali has a close relationship with the travel condition in this country. The rapid development of travel in Bali triggers the significance influence grown in this island. It means that with the development of tourism, the tattoo business is also growing. In its development, the tattoo business in Bali is now starting to reach some news tourism areas. For your information, formerly the tattoo business is really much in Legian, and then the tourists start to move to several new locations such as Canggu. It makes the tattoo business is also expanded to that area. If we talked about Legian, it is more than easy for you to find the tattoo shops. 

We have already said that some of tourists deliberately came to have a tattoo in Bali. The clients are not always the young men, but they are so varied; started from the housewife, teenagers, businessman, and more. They can stay in Bali for a week just for getting a tattoo on their body. Tourists are not only becoming the clients who love the Bali tattoo. We can say that there are a lot of local people who also love to have a tattoo from some tattoo artists in Bali. That is why; a lot of Balinese then decided to become a tattoo artist since there are so many people who are attracted to do a tattoo in Bali. 

The Temporary Tattoo or Permanent One, Which one you should choose?

The tattoo shops in Bali can do the permanent tattoo where they use several methods such as the modern one (by using an electrical machine) or the traditional method (such as hand poking, hand tapping, and etc). This tattooing for sure will give you the permanent result where it will stay on your body for a long time even for many years. However, if you are not sure enough to make this permanent tattoo in Bali, maybe you can have the temporary one.

The temporary tattoo is a kind of tattooing where the results can be removed easily or it will be not last for a long time. If you want to know more about the differences between the temporary and permanent tattoo, you have to read the information below.

  1. The Ink used

The temporary tattoo uses the different ink like the one used on the permanent tattoo. The temporary tattoo uses the herbs ink that can be broken down by the human’s immunity system. The coloring molecule of this temporary tattoo is light, so that it will fade and gone slowly by itself. Meanwhile, the permanent tattoo in Bali has a huge coloring molecule so that it is unable to be broken down. Usually, the result of this permanent tattoo can fade, but it will not disappear.

  1. The Pen that is used

The permanent tattoo uses a conventional needle which is called the demography needle. Later, that needle will be stabbed into the skin surface to tear the epidermis. It is different from the temporary tattoo. It just uses the special pen that will only stab your skin surface up above the epidermis. In addition, some temporary tattoo can be only used the brush to draw ink on the skin. Usually, this kind of tattoo is for the kids or for the students. 

The permanent tattoo will be stabbed into the epidermis because it uses the long needle. It will make the ink injected in that area will stay for a long time. In addition, the special pen used by the temporary tattoo is specially designed to only stab the skin’s surface. 

  1. The Time

It is not a secret anymore that the permanent tattoo in Bali won’t disappear forever. It is the big difference between the permanent tattoo and the temporary one. Usually, the temporary tattoo will stay on your skin for only about 2 – 3 years long. Even, the temporary tattoo made by the brush will only stay for some hours or maybe some days. This tattoo will disappear along with your activities such as washing the plate, taking a bath, swimming, or other activities. 

So, those are several differences between the temporary tattoo and the permanent tattoo in Bali. Nowadays, you can get various kinds of tattoo designs; started by the cute designs, simple words or sentences, designs related to a place’s culture, up to the complex or difficult pictures. The good thing about making a tattoo in Bali is that the tattoo artists there are really professional. They will use a new needle for the customer, they will ensure that everything is clean, and they guarantee that the result is good. Furthermore, some tattoo studios are even giving a service to touch up the tattoo for free, especially if it is because of their mistakes. It is because the result of a tattoo is like branding for them, and they want to get the best reputation in Bali for sure.

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