Bamboo Tattoo in Bali, is it really less painful? – By Albar Tikam

Traditional Tattoo In Bali

Bamboo Tattoo in Bali, is it really less painful? – By Albar Tikam

Bali has the great development of the tattoo industry; one of them is for sure the popular bamboo tattoo in Bali. As it is named, this tattooing method is not using any electrical machines, but it will use bamboo. That is why; we can classify it as a traditional method of tattooing. Usually, the process of this traditional tattoo needs more time than the modern one. The duration can be 5 hours or maybe more and it depends on the difficulties and also the master image of the tattoo. 

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There is good news for you who don’t like the pain created by a tattooing process. This bamboo tattoo in Bali is less painful because it only uses a small needle. Meanwhile, the modern tattoo uses a machine with a part like a knife. That is why; the modern tattoo is more painful. In addition, the recovery time is also different well the modern tattoo may need at least a month until it is properly recovered. Meanwhile, the bamboo tattoo just needs a shorter time where it can be only an hour up to a day. After that, you can do everything that you want to, such as sunbathing, swimming, and more without any worries that the tattoo will be faded. 

It is because the bamboo tattoo in Bali will give you a more durable color than the machine tattoo because the bamboo tattoo will not exfoliate your skin. In addition, the aftercare of a bamboo tattoo is also really easy. You don’t even need any special treatment. The more interesting thing is that the tattoo artists in Bali always keep everything is sterile and clean where a needle will be only used for a customer. It means that you will always get a new needle for your tattoo. If you want to try this traditional tattoo method, you just need to show the design or you can choose the designs which are available. The designs are so varied such as the writing, realism picture, and more. The bamboo tattoo artists will do it for you. 

Here is further information about the bamboo tattoo in Bali, so that you can ensure to have this tattoo, especially if you really want it.

The history of Bamboo Tattoo

Formerly, the bamboo tattoo was introduced by a monk from Thailand who is called Sak Yang. The tattoos where he had are commonly about the Buddhists Mantra which was carved into the skin and done by another monk. The tool that was used in that time is a long bamboo stick and they put a needle at the end of that long bamboo stick. Most of the people believe that this tattoo was done 3000 years ago during the Khmer Period. The Buddhist mantra carved in their skin is used as the symbol of protection, strength, and visibility. Furthermore, some tattoo artists also say that this traditional tattoo method also comes from Mentawai local people where Mentawai itself is the Indonesian region of Borneo. That race is so popular for their tattoo culture on their body. We can say that some people claimed that the bamboo tattoo is from Thailand, but some of the people also claimed that the original bamboo tattoo comes from the Mentawai race in Indonesia. 

The Process of Making Bamboo Tattoo in Bali

The bamboo tattoo is so unique and beautiful. That is why; this tattoo always exists even in today’s western culture. This traditional tattoo becomes the most common among tourists or travelers. In addition, travelers may have several different reasons for getting this bamboo tattoo. Some people maybe do it because of the memory, some do it for the cultural aspect, and the rest maybe have this tattoo for not any reason. If you want to do this bamboo tattoo in Bali or all tattoos though, you have to make sure that your space is hygienic and clean. It is for sure that the new needle is a must for making a new tattoo. 

The common tool that is used for this bamboo tattoo is a stick carved from wood or bamboo. Those sticks have a tattoo needle at its need. Although the tool used for this bamboo tattoo is different from the modern tattoo that uses an electrical machine, most of the people cannot tell the difference. One thing for sure is that the Bamboo tattoo in Bali needs more time than the modern tattoo. It is because the bamboo tattoo strokes 2 per second and the machine gun at 50. Although it needs more time, the bamboo tattoo is less painful; the needle does not go in as deep so that the healing process is faster. 

To be an expert on the bamboo tattoo, a tattoo artist needs to have a lot of practice. In other words we can say that it takes a long time because they will need to have a lot of poking and steady handwork as well. It is because the artists must make the precise line and the needle must be deep enough to stroke the skin. Just like another tattoo, the bamboo tattoo also does fade, but if you treat it well, it will not fade too fast. The good news is that the bamboo tattoo will not cause bleeding and no scabbing too. This makes the healing time is quick and you can usually go swimming for about 2 or 3 days after having that tattoo. However, it depends on the size of your tattoo.

Where to do and get the Bamboo Tattoo in Bali

If you want to have a new tattoo even on holiday, we can say that the traditional Bali tattoo can be the solution. However, you have to know that not all tattoo studios offer this bamboo tattoo in Bali. The place where you can experience this kind of tattoo is in some studios in Seminyak. Since this kind of tattoo method needs more skill and experience, we can say that the price can be higher.

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