Various Style for Bali Tattoo Traditional – By Albar Tikam

Traditional Tattoo In Bali

Various Style for Bali Tattoo Traditional – By Albar Tikam

Bali tattoo tradition is always interesting for everyone, especially for travelers or tourists who come to this beautiful island. It is not hard for you to find any tattoo art studios especially at the southern beach resort of Main Island in Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. However, you have to be more detail to find the best tattoo studio, especially for the studio that offers the traditional tattoo methods such as the hand poking or hand tapping. Most of the tattoo studios in Bali are run by the local artists. They are so professional in making the best style and always keep the hygiene and cleanliness of the tools that they use. This is also what they offer for the Bali tattoo tradition.

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The good thing is that the tattoo artists in Bali usually offer the original and real portfolio and you can choose their amazing style, starting from the ethnic motif up to the traditional tribes’ style. In addition, they also offer some other designs such as calligraphy, portrait, and many more. However, you can also consult them before starting to get a tattoo, especially if you have a style that you made by yourself and more.

Various Traditional Style for Tattoo in Bali

Bali Tattoo Traditional has a lot of design that you can choose such as the boma style, Balinese crafts, Barong, Rangda, and more. These designs or design are loved even by foreign travelers because it will always remind them of Bali. In addition, these design are also looked really interesting and usually have a deep meaning. It also becomes a sign that they have ever come to Bali. The travelers are not always having the modern tattoo, but they also try the Bali tattoo traditional where the tattoo is made without any electrical machine. These traditional techniques are known as Hand Tapping and Hand Poking.

The traditional tattoo in Bali has various prices. However, we cannot deny that usually, it is more expensive than the common tattoo since it needs a longer time and the tattoo artist needs the special skill to make the tattoo is stable and made perfectly. That is why; don’t make the cheap price as your only consideration. It is better to choose the price which is reasonable or maybe a little bit expensive as long as it has good quality. Some tattoo artists even order the ink and needle from another country to get the best quality ink that they can have. Besides serving the Bali tattoo traditional style, most of the tattoo artists in Bali also able to make some other modern designs such as the tribal style, Maori, rockabilly, freehand and old school.

How to Choose the Right Area for Your Tattoo

Our body contains various part and maybe sometimes you will get confused to determine where you want to place your tattoo is. Actually, it is not that hard. We have some easy tips that you can do so that you can choose the right area for your tattoo. Here is the further explanation

  1. Determine the location based on your tattoo shape

Before having the Bali tattoo traditional, it is better to pay attention to your tattoo design. Is it having a long shape, short, round, oval, or what? The shape of your tattoo is so important because certain tattoo designs will be looked at well in certain body parts. For example is the long and thing tattoo will be looked really great in your shoulder, upper part of your arm, or in your leg? That kind of tattoo can be also placed on the side of your body or even in your stomach. However, you have to note that the shape can be changed if you gain more weight or if you delivered a baby.

If you want to, you can have the circular tattoo design where the perfect style for it is the tribal or Rosario braided beads. Choose a body area that can be used to finish this design perfectly such as the upper part of your arm, bicep muscle, or above the ankle.

  1. Don’t use the wide area of your body for a small tattoo

Most of the people regretted that they use the wide-body area to make a tattoo in its middle part. It is because maybe they want to make another tattoo in that area or a tattoo that will cover the whole part there. For example, is that if you have a tattoo with the shape of the small symbol in your scapula you will unable to make a bigger tattoo in that area except you join them together or cover it with the new tattoo. That is why; it is better to have a consultation first with your tattoo artists about your Bali tattoo traditional design and where you want to place it.

  1. Choose a tattoo area that you will always love in the future

When you are looking in a tattoo area, try to think about what will be happened in your body when you getting older. Will you still love that placement in the future? You may be not thinking about it in your current age, but just imagine if you are 40, 50, or even 69 years old. It is better to place a tattoo in an area that will be not affected by the aging process. For example, it is in the back part of your shoulder because it has less possibility to get fatter than the belly; the stomach is a risky area since it can be changed after you delivered a baby. Similar to that thing, the wrist and climb part also has less probability to be affected by the aging process. That is why; you can choose those areas. Although your leg can be bigger, your tattoo shape will be not changed a lot.

Now you know where you have to place your Bali tattoo traditional design. You can choose various kinds of design too based on your own liking.


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